Visiting Programs

Visiting Resident Electives
The Department of Radiology offers electives to visiting residents currently enrolled in ACGME accredited training programs. These electives are arranged 3-4 months in advance of the date of arrival. Interested residents will need to contact the program coordinator with the following information.
•   Exact dates of the requested elective, not less than 4-weeks.
•   Subspecialty of interest: Body Imaging, Chest Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
    Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiology, or Vascular & Interventional Radiology.
•   Current Curriculum Vitae.
The program coordinator will send the elective request and CV to the Chief of the Division for approval. Once the elective time is approved, the program coordinator will contact the visiting resident with information needed to complete an appointment through the Office of Graduate Medical Education. For more information or to apply for a visiting resident elective, please contact radvisitor@ucsd.edu.
Visiting Scholars (UCSD Policy)
The University of California, San Diego ("University") is host to a large number of national and international visiting scholars and scientists who do not require official University employment but require an affiliation to use its facilities and participate in its research activities and educational programs. To accommodate the needs of these individuals and recognize their contributions to the intellectual life, the University provides the courtesy designation, Visiting Scholar.
A Visiting Scholar is a scholar from another university, research institution or company, normally on leave from his/her home institution, or a student enrolled in an institution or academic research program outside of the University of California, who visits the University for the purposes of participating in a University-sponsored educational program, cooperative agreement, or collaborative research under faculty supervision, for a short period of time.
Visiting Scholars are appointed for a short period of time, normally 3 -12 months. Extension beyond one year may be permissible if the program warrants a longer affiliation. Appointment must be made in advance of arrival and the appointment is self-terminating.
A more complete description of the University's Visiting Scholar appointment may be found at http://postdoc.ucsd.edu/visiting-scholars/index.html.
Scholars, who are interested in visiting the Department of Radiology, should send an e-mailed request to: radvisitor@ucsd.edu.
Visiting Graduate Students (UCSD Policy)
A Visiting Graduate Student (VGS) at UCSD is a pre-doctoral graduate student, who is registered at an educational institution outside of the University of California system, pursuing research related to their degree program.
Graduate Students, who are interested in visiting the Department of Radiology, should send an e-mailed request to: radvisitor@ucsd.edu.
Visiting Medical Students (UCSD Policy)
The UCSD School of Medicine offers a myriad of clinical educational opportunities to senior visiting medical students. Medical students, who are interested in visiting the Department of Radiology, should visit the following website for more information and instructions: http://meded.ucsd.edu/ugme/visiting_students