Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship

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Our MSK Fellowship is one year in duration and consists of clinical, teaching, and research responsibilities restricted to musculoskeletal imaging at four hospitals: the UC San Diego Medical Center, Thornton Hospital (UCSD La Jolla), Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Scripps Clinic.
The program is geared toward but not restricted to the person who is considering a career in academic musculoskeletal imaging, a field in which great opportunities exist.
At UCSD, you will find an incredible mix of patient types and reading experiences, from Childrens to VA patients, from teleradiology to indigent care. You will work daily with world experts in the field, including Dr. Resnick.
We offer a valuable year devoted to study in musculoskeletal imaging with a balanced program devoted to clinical, teaching and research activities.
Photo of Evelyne Fliszar
Evelyne Fliszar, M.D.
Director of Musculoskeletal Fellowship
Clinical Assocaite Professor of Radiology